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Hey Drewski don't overthink those whites. If you know where they are just anchor up. Even pound the bottom a few times with the anchor. Then proceed to try every bloody hook and color combination. Maybe it's an oddball spoon like the cheap thin ones you see in the gas station, green with some diamonds on it. Pink and white clown pattern. Plain silver brass or copper. Maybe a big spoon like the ruby eyed wiggler with beads wired into the body. Maybe it's the blue fox pixxee with the plastic gob of eggs in orange or pink or some dang thing. If they aren't wire worm whites and I don't think they are, forget the finesse. Maybe a number five lennie Thompson. Try EVERYTHING. If you got em in ten feet or less that's half the battle, any hook that they like you will see them interested. Forget the bait, fish aggressive, they are fast and have excellent eyesight. Find that magic hook and you will own them. I've seen them hammer big wetaskiwins like a jackfish but refuse every manner of wire worm or finesse riggins. Good luck buddy.
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