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Originally Posted by happyfisher View Post
yea.....i can catch whites now....learned from and others i have met in person. It was funny i recognized Zip belly boat and put 1 and 1 togeather.....Zip got skunked with whites. Looks like the apprentice has become the master. Im no longer a padawan.....

For a guy who called me "Sir" at least 4 times in our short visit .. why do I feel like I took a cheep shot from a padawan learner ?

Go forward apprentice and make the Jedi Master's .... AKA .... Sir Bwack, Sir Z-z & Sir Snapfisher proud and honor the code of assisting other A/O members with your newly acquired knowledge.

That said .... snow & cold is on the way for the weekend, the Sylvan Marina is quickly clearing out, this will bring the Whites into the shallows.



Pic taken ... Thursday Sept 26th ...


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