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Lets not forget that Bashaw Sports was recently broken into and all the handguns went missing, where were the police then? There station is maybe three blocks from Pud's store. Any of you who have been to Bashaw Sports know that it would take some time to get in and acess the storage cabinet for the handguns. And who's to say it wasn't the same guys.

I know that since this is all taken place I wake up at every bark my dogs make. And I know how long it takes to have police get to my house and lets just say that they could make off with everything I have before the police would get here.

So according to some posts we are not to do anything if we have sombody tresspassing and taking our belongings. Just sit in the house and hope bad men go away.

I know that one of the thieves name is Nick Dewald, As soon as I find out the others I will post them as well.
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