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Default Time for new rifle. Have 3 picked need opinions.

So it time to up grade my old rifle, don't want to but after seeing eye doctor and the state of my eyes iv decided a new rifle is in line for me, sadly one I can scope. So iv basically decided on 3.
Zastava m98 (m70) in 375 h&h left hand
Savage 11/111 trophy hunter xp 300 win mag left hand
Marlin 1895 gbl. 45/70
I rarely take shots over 250 yards most under 100 and fair amount at 20 to 40 yards. I hunt in mostly bush and its snap shots. So a scope option also be helpfull for close shots mostly were I don't have to worry to much about how close my eye to to scope. Errr longer eye relief I think it's called. Not sure all the proper scope terms. All ways been a iron sight guy.
And yes iv shot all those calibers before, recoil is not a problem, just my eyes.
Right now I use
A mosin if hunting open area
Sks for bush
And my 870 for bush ( slugs or buck)
Scoping any of my current rifles isn't really a option. And definitely not scoping the shotgun. Although a canter levered barrel for the 870 with sabots I quess could work but then I couldn't get those tasty rabbits unless I barrel swapped and I don't think swapping a barrel will work if I see a rabbit.
Thanks for any input..
And yes I'm left handed. So any other rifles that might be mentioned would have to have a LH option.
Carpe Diem.
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