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Originally Posted by 350 mag View Post
Ever since bubble they have screwed things up so badly by keeping interest rates artificially low and bailing out the banks and Wall St.

Once upon a time Savings&Loans were just that....a safe place to keep your life savings.

You didn't make huge returns but you didn't lose much either

Then they de-Regulated the banks(especially true in USA) so the could invest in riskier assets.

That's what happened in 08/09....

There are still many in USA that are suffering from that....I cannot imagine many ended up losing pensions, jobs, homes business and suicides.

All owed to human greed and Crony-Capitalism.
The movie 'the big short' was a huge eye opener. Mostly true story too.
I am peeking into investments because I was given a tip recently, but imo some just go way too far. A 26 year old I know lost his mechanic job to covid, then was certain he was going to make millions making video game youtube videos, then teaching self defense, now investing in the stock market. He is completely absorbed in it, using money from overseas of course. He thinks he can retire, never have to work again because he took an online course from a financial advisor LOL!
I still think black or red are better odds, but you will never catch me losing my savings to that bs either.
Only dead fish go with the flow. The rest use their brains in life.

Originally Posted by Twisted Canuck
I wasn't thinking far enough ahead for an outcome, I was ranting. By definition, a rant doesn't imply much forethought.....
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