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Originally Posted by roper1 View Post
Mutual Funds are baskets of stocks. When there is a crash or correction, the real monetary value of the stocks inside the fund goes down.

In EVERY case of correction or crash, the market ends up higher than it was before the crash. It is just a matter of how long that takes to rebound, months or years.

If the investor holds the funds, some of the individual stocks inside the fund would recover quite quickly. If the investor sells, it is a huge misjudgment call that can be avoided.
Yep. Something seems odd to all be gone.
Guess not everyone understand mutuals/investing (and I am on the low end of the knowledge scale when it comes to it). But it all doesn't disappear.
Kinda like those I've heard complain how there is no money to be made with TFSA' they sit in a TFSA account in the bank
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