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Originally Posted by SNAPFisher View Post
So, you or your Father In Law can justify a 45% hit ratio on the target species as good?? Buck Lake then is just fished out and this is helping how?
Why would we have to justify what got stuck in the net??? We followed the rules and this was the outcome. I didn't say it was helping the lake. Its not the commercial fishermans fault... its poor management by the government. Net fishing has certainly helped in the decline of the lake, can't deny that. The size of the mesh is what changes to avoid catching smaller fish and other species like the walleye. The big hump on the white gets stuck in the larger mesh as I understand along with some larger fish. Personally I'm not a big net fishing fan. I wish they'd stop it all together. I was just along for the ride to enjoy something my Wife's family has been doing for many years.

All the fish were eaten and no the burbot did not go to waste. My father in law knew a guy who wanted them and dropped them off the next moring.

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