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Originally Posted by barbless View Post
Are there any concerns with launching a 17 ft boat and any areas which one would stay away from, shallow spots, rocks, underwater hidden obstructions. Never been but next week off. Might be good for a day trip or two if I can camp and use my motorhome to launch. Thanks in advance
Launching should not be a problem. There are shallow areas that go a long way out on Pigeon so I would never motor fast close to shore but as soon as you're 2 or 3 hundred meters off shore your fine.
The Rock island in the south east is one exception though.

There are a number of shallow rock submerged humps in the shallow water off Mulhurst Lutheran Church Camp and St Basils Church Camp. They are about 2 hundred meters off shore and only about a foot or so deep this year.

One last place of caution is off Golden Days. A number of years a go a cabin owner was bringing in a load of big rock to protect his beach from wave erosion in the winter. The truck broke through the ice before it got to his beach and they dumped the load out there someplace. The water is very shallow out there along way out so again I don't motor fast in that area.

I set my depth alarm on my sounder at 16 feet and don't motor fast on that lake any shallower than that unless I know the area.
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