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Originally Posted by wildwoods View Post
Honestly, who cares about rights in this case. Morally, if I found that deer dead with an arrow wound and slapped a found dead permit on it, I wouldn't refuse it back to the original shooter (should he come by seeking it). I couldn't care less about finding previously dead trophies.
I would hope that if I were the poor soul who lost it, someone would do the right thing and see that it was hanging safe and sound in my man cave.
Wouldn't you?

I lost a deer about 6 years ago tracked it over a day and a half. Some other hunters picked me up on the road when I lost the last blood and told me they would call me if they found it. Two days later I get a call, they collected what they could of the deer and had me meet them at their camp. They did a great thing, it was no slouch of a deer.

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