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Looks like the online auction is a GO.......March 24 to April 2.

March 20, 2020


The escalating pace of the Covid-19 virus makes it difficult to lay out a concrete plan to prepare a live auction. As borders are closing and travel between provinces and states are beginning to tighten our decision to momentarily postpone our fur routes is the right thing to do at this time.

Our focus now is on preparing our online auction scheduled to begin March 24th and close on April 2nd. The amount of interest in buyers registering is very encouraging as there is a demand for many species.

This auction will be our first attempt in hosting an online sale and we intend on holding to respectable levels. It is possible that we could have our next scheduled auction as posted starting May 30th through June 2nd if the virus subsides. This would depend on the success of our upcoming online auction as to how much or how little goods were sold.

We have received a great deal of input and feedback from the International fur trade to hold a September auction if possible. This would have us rescheduling our pick up routes to run in late spring.

Fur will still continue to be received at our warehouses in Wisconsin, Winnipeg and North Bay Headquarters. As well we advise trappers to contact their pick up agent for details on shipping and receiving fur at their locations.


Mark Downey
Chief Executive Officer
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