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Originally Posted by 222rem View Post
Once you use a Mac you'll never look back
Well...ummm....I went back. I did graphic design for a few years, used Macs in school then the places I worked used 'em too. To keep the post short, I don't use 'em anymore 100% PC for me! BUT I've got a 3rd gen. iBook that's been sitting in a drawer for a few years if anybody wants to buy it

I ordered a Gateway machine for my Aunt last year, customer service was good and the computer has been problem-free. Gateway and Dell are both good options; and Alienware wouldn't be a bad choice either. There's also a company called WidowPC who are supposedly pretty good.

Have you considered getting a custom PC from a local dealer? Sometimes you can get a solid setup at a cheaper price than from the larger-scale companies; plus you get the bonus of local service.
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