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I believe the time has come for Alberta to consider allowing the use of power foot snare devices for registered trappers on their traplines to harvest their bear quota. The Select-A-Catch and other foot snare devices have proven to be both humane and safe, as well as effective.

Black bear populations in Alberta are very robust to say the least, and under-harvested, leading to an imbalance in our provincial wildlife management as black bears are truly the apex predator of much of the lands.

At the very least, I think it would be a very good idea for the GOA to allow/hire trappers in the caribou lands to harvest bears via foot snares to bring black bear populations into check at least on the calving grounds and give the caribou a break from the black bears in the bogs, whilst the wolves hang on high ground raising their pups.

Perhaps some of our registered trappers will consider this idea and pursue this idea by submitting a resolution at our fall meeting, at the very least, or send Billie and frenz to Edmonton to begin discussion on such with higher powers.

No doubt would be a fun game, to be allowed to go foot snaring black bears!
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