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Depends on what's truly feasible for your situation.

For me personally a boat just isn't in the works and funds are my big issues. A small car topper or canoe would be great for my situation, except that I drive a Jeep and usually have the soft top on it, so I can't really strap anything to the roof.

That being said I think I get out and fish a lot more often than many people are able to, and I'm thankful for that. I've spent a little time learning my way around the North Saskatchewan River and I did well enough to keep me happy through the summer, and got into quite the variety of fish. There's also a nice 'low maintainance' factor with shore fishing. Last year I kept my fishing stuff in the Jeep so I could head out at any time, which made for a lot of great after work trips.

Of course having a boat would give me a lot more options, but at the same time I've been able to concentrate my efforts on figuring out the river, which really is a beast unto itself

Plus I've made some friends on the forum who have boats and have been kind enough to take me out from time to time (thanks guys!) so I still get a bit of lake fishing in occasionally, plus it makes me appreciate those outings that much more.

Here's a couple of my river catches to whet your appetite

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