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Originally Posted by thorne View Post

OK man, That "BANK MAGGOT" comment was so B.S. I wasn't sure if I should laugh at your stupidity, or pitty your closed minded attuitude...I have never met you and I sure you are a nice guy, but seriously you never go fishing without a boat??? I have a boat and depending what I am up to, or what I am targeting I some times use it and sometimes fish from sure....there is a time and a place for everything. I know for a fact Paul will out fish any boaters from shore, and when it comes to the river Jay and myself have spent many, many hours chillen by the river having a great time. Im sure hooking into 15lb Alantic Salmon from a river bank on a fly rod is beneath you, or setting your hook into 8lb browns on the Bow is as well....oh ya wrestling a 10-50lb sturgeon from the river bank wouldn't be your thing either....oh ya the fact that you can spend a great evening hooking into really nice rainbows all summer at Salters out by Onaway....anyway I am prettu sure people are getting the point....yes I love my Boat and it does open up ALOT of options....but being a "Bank Maggot" is a whole lot of fun as if you ever want to diversify and probably have a great time catching some great fish, with a pretty great bunch of Maggots let me know...and maybe, just maybe, your might have a good time!

As for the main topic here....if you can manage to get yourself something that floats.....ya its awsome and you will definately benifit. But do not limit yourself....there is some really good fishing to be had right from shore, and there are several Bank Maggots who will be more then happy to let you tag along, just for getting a boat there are just as many Deep Water Maggots who will let you come along for a day to get a feeling for what would suite your needs the best!
UH OH. Time for a hurt feeling report.
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