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Originally Posted by fishnguy View Post
^ What are your valuations based on? A hunch? Within “the next year or two” is quite an estimate. No one among the top analysts seems to share the sentiment either.

You said yourself, follow the index. Then you said not to pick individual stocks, yet you pick three, two of which are in the same sector and the other one is VZ. If you are planning to have 10-20% annual return with either of the stocks you mentioned, good luck with that. If you think that something that has been stale for almost two decades now is undervalued compared to “market”... Lol. Sure, maybe you are right. Highly, and I mean highly unlikely. Market doesn’t work like that. In fact, VZ hasn’t even caught up to it’s pick value before the “cellphone boom”.

Anyway, good luck. Sorry to the op if this is a derail, not sure; maybe a good example of what not to do.

What stocks are you holding?
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