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Well it was a crazy windy day filled with swells and white caps!.... From my understanding 91 anglers entered and only 3 keepers measured wow.... Bucks gonna need a few years of rebound!... (Correct me if I'm wrong)
The wife and I caught 17 fish total today 12 walleye and 5 pike and not a single fish big enough to score... Our biggest was just over 46cm most averaging 42cm .... From what I remember 1st 2cnd and 3rd was 53,52, &50cm...I wasn't expecting many keepers scored but from 91 anglers only 3?!?

Well it's all for a good cause and anyone who has themselves or has had family with heart issues it's something very dear to us... Congrats to everyone who braved the swells that would have half of the guides on the coast hugging the beach.... We built a lot of character today haha

I'll be back to own the derby next year
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