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This thread sounds more like a damn Liberal convention than a defence fund for Mr. Knight.

No one died. A scum bag piece of crap thief got a couple pieces of buckshot in the ass. That's it. Mr. Knight is not a murderer and should not spend years in jail like some on here would like to suggest.

Hey Jester, did you ever consider that the buckshot may have bounced off the road or the truck and caught the little puke in the butt. Maybe it wasn't an outright attempt at murder like you are trying to suggest here. Were you there man? You sure you have all your facts straight.

Here are some quotes from Jester:

"Shooting at someone who stole your quad is attempted murder."
"My question is does it warrant a shot to the back of the head?"
"I say let the courts decide...not you backyard yahoos with a 12 guage""7-8 counts?? hmm...Mr.Shooter has his hands "

So it seems that Jester is laughing at Mr. Knight and calling him a yahoo in his own backyard here. You make me sick with your ignorant comments here Dude.

Good luck with our Liberal laws and the RCMP for protection. Just make sure your insurance is paid up and you have money in your bank account for the $500 deductible each time.
Blood is the Price of Glory

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