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Originally Posted by Peter Abelard View Post
One of us is unfamiliar with this case. My understanding is that he had passed out in the back of a car, and woke up amidst all the commotion.

The bar has to be set pretty low to determine that he was a threat.

At worst, he was guilty of bad company.
Then obviously this is his "companies" fault, they should be the ones in the news getting their names smeared by the media and their families should be going through the hell that the Stanley's are going through.

Do yourself a favor and look up his Facebook posts, you'll get a real glimpse at your innocent angel. I guarantee that one of the people involved in this incident was a stand up citizen who didn't pride himself on being a menace to society, the other one did.
History has shown a slicktrick is no substitute for an intelligent action.

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