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Originally Posted by noobsauce View Post
Thanks for the reply.

We've been to Allen Bill Pond and Glenmore, didn't have much luck. I went to Dewitt's yesterday and got skunked. It seemed quite slow, only a couple of people got some small trouts. Thanks for the suggestions though, will probably head back to Dewitt's and try again hope for better success.

Is McLean better than Allen Bill? I thought that pond is stocked less. I'm very curious about the winter kill potential, since these ponds are stocked every year wouldn't there be a lot of fish accumulated over the years if winter kill doesn't occur?
Mcleans doesnt get fished out nearly as fast and its alot muddier/murkier than allen bill. The trout in Dewitts are very small as well.

My suggestion is dickson trout pond then. Just south of spruceview beside glennifer lake. You should be able to get good size trout there on just worms and I doubt you will get skunked if you go for a few hours.
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