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Originally Posted by Albertadiver View Post
Hey Oki,

It's pretty clear on this thread that folks have differing opinions, which is allowed from time to time. My personal opinion is that Y2Y is not good for Alberta. I know folks will disagree, but that's my belief.

Given the fires we had this summer, I'd rather see logging than something totally out of control.

Not sure why our bud pipco decided to bump the thread after a month or so other than to maybe do a little pot stirring?

You're right. Stir the pot. Debate, discussion and action is how change happens.

Also to voice an opinion. I've been reading the Y2Y newsletters for months and have not come across any indication of what I originally called "conspiracy theory hogwash." earlier in the thread.

From what I've read these folks want to preserve natural areas, stop large corporations from destroying watersheds and forests, not ban people from using them.

I'll stick to my guns on the conspiracy theory hog wash. We're all entitled to an opinion. It's never a bad idea to do a bit of research (with what we can best determine to be reliable, unbiased sources) before forming one.
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