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Originally Posted by goose slayer10 View Post
I am quite impressed by this, How many do you typically kill a year off that place? There's a feedlot spot I often hunt and it seems to me the mange is always brutal...quite often it is just the early onset, patches on the back legs, and the tail sometimes... Frustrating but good to know I'm eliminating them.
its been kinda up and down with the average being 15-20 last year was quite bad there with only 10 or so shot from there mostly pups and the odd one with heavy mites. this year has been awesome so far. i am up to 16 coyotes 10 of which have come from that deadpit. i hope to get to 50 total this year.

Originally Posted by HunterDave View Post
I have a separate location altogether.....even away from my coyote carcasses. I then pour some chainsaw gas on them and light them up.
thats exactly what i was thinking of doing. the mite situation round here is getting dumb and just killing the ones i see with it dosnt seem to be helping.

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