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As someone else posted, this is probably the only time I too have complained about a skirt being too short!!! The windows on my 2 man are at least twice as thick as the big tent, and seem to be more like vinyl than old saran wrap like the 6 man. I already lost the strap, got frozen to the ice and tore off when I moved the tent, so I brought it home and threw it out. I think we could do a much better job designing one, after all how many pictures do you see of Chinese workers ice fishing in one of these???? Maybe the same company as the Sears tents I tried last winter, that went back before I went mental(er) tryng to figure out how to set it up at home. The anchors they sent with that one were those little cheap metal ones they sell with summer tents, abut 7 or 8 inches long and just perfect for setting your tent up on a manicured lawn! I couldnt figure out how they expected anyone to use those in ice, kind of blew me away that Sears would sell something that shoddy.
another advantage to my 2 man tent is the inside anchor holes are actually metal grommets in heavy duty fabric flaps, as opposed to the fabric loops the Fish Inn uses, which of course freeze to the ice the second they get wet. I am expecting to lose one or two of those to the ice pretty soon too. You get what you pay for I guess.
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