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Originally Posted by Sir Rollo View Post
How obsessive do you people get when it comes to copper fouling removal? I just bought a new gun, and I've logged more time cleaning it, than shooting it. I have used... Wipeout, Barnes, Sweets, Butches, Outers, and tons of patches. Even tried some Bore Bright, very cautiously, and it seems to take forever to get that last trace of copper out!! I can only see in the muzzle a short distance with my LED flashlight, but what I see there makes me keep shoving patches through. Is there a point of diminishing returns?
control not eradication.

Through first as good of cleaning as you feel is necessary, note how the rifle performs, totally clean vs. slightly fouled vs. excessivley fouled.
Once you've found where the rifle likes to be, you work within those parameters.

As far as your flashlight goes, try a borescope and really get an education. Not that what you often see as a potentially terrible barrel, that suddenly shoots the lights out, but it sure tells you a heap more than a falshlight.

There are no absolutes
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