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Originally Posted by catnthehat View Post
he is stating about the same as you did stating that it's unlikely that his family members will not be able to get PAL''s renewed.
Rav Yak did not state that he actually did, he thought he may have.
Lots of guessing going on here and no one knows for sure until things actually have happened , then opinions like the verdict being fair in a trial are just that- opinions.
I did not state that I believed that it was unlikely that Mr. Stanley's family members would be able to get their PALs renewed. I stated that they would very probably not be permitted to keep firearms in their home because they live with Mr. Stanley, who now has a firearms prohibition.

As to what else you are saying about Rav Yak, I have no idea what these cryptic statements mean.

As for opinions being merely opinions, I would have thought that this was obvious. As with yourself, the observations that I express are merely that. Opinions.

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