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Originally Posted by L.O.S.T.Arrow View Post
jlgsgw has a good point...the Crux although a good bow for its money is not really an upgrade from what you have now, both bows...great bows for the dollar are rated as entry level bows...meaning good quality bows to see if its an interest you want to pursue without investing a big dollar...

Its obvious your interest is there, so as jlgsgw stated perhaps saving an extra few hundred and getting a higher end bow will serve you better...

Shop around ..shoot a few...the bow will pick you or you will know which one it is... Although I have access to high end bows my choice for hunting is the APA viper AIR...outstanding value at the $800.00 dollar wasn't the cost but the feel and the connection with the bow that sold me...for me one of the most accurate and versatile hunting bows I have ever shot...

OK Neil , you twisted my arm, send me up one of those m32 and let me shoot it for just 5 or 6 years and then I promise I'll consider buying it lol

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