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Originally Posted by brendan's dad View Post
Having a stiffer dynamic spine is not always a benefit. It depends on the bow, poundage, DL, cams, and riser flex. My Primes always shot better and group tuned with a weaker spine. PSE and a Darton really liked a stiff spine.

I agree, no one "Theory" proves to be the best, Ive shot a Bear Agenda and had them an inch in front of the rest on a 9.1 gpi arrow at a 27"draw and it shot tacks.
Im shooting now an older Bowtech and I am still having spine issues playing around with different GPI and length of arrows having my arrows kick right. They still correct themselves out to 50-60 yards but I haven't found the right spine yet.. trial and error. If they fly true, keep buying those arrows and that length and that head weight. If they don't, youll have to find the correct spine or GPI arrow to fly the most true for your set-up.
Carson at Jim Bows is a stellar dude in Edmonton, he can definitely help out with any questions and answers.

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