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Default Chronomids

All trout lakes are chronomid lakes. REALLY. The color and size of the chronomids change from season to season, but black with a white rib, or ,my prefered color rib is grey, with a white bead works almost all year round in different sizes. I sometimes add 2 short tails of micro chrystal flash. I actually add the tails to almost all of my chronomids. My other favorite pattern is a chromie. Most of my patterns are tied on scud hooks. Size 16 to 10. I use them from ice off to ice on.
The wire worms the guys use for white fish are actually imitating chronomids.
In the spring there are lots of chronomids coming off in shallow water.

One thing to remember---chronomids are SKINNY.
I have been fishing chronomids for over 40 years. Those who don't fish chronomids are missing out and are doing me a big favor as it leaves more fish for me to catch.
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