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Originally Posted by Russ C View Post
100% agree with Sundancefisher. I think that jusfloatin is stirring the pot. Don't get me wrong I think it's good to voice a different opinion, but only if you have some what of an informed knowledge base. Jusfloatin what are your opinions based on? Do you have scientific facts to prove your claims (I have read your opinions on another board as well as on this one) or are you just throwing out a bunch of comments to stir the pot? I don't see what you think is wrong with having larger fish to catch in a few lakes in this province when there are so many more lakes in Alberta that are catch and keep. It's looks to me that you fish strickly to eat (just my opinion from reading your comments) which is fine as long as it's done with in the rules and regulations which I'm sure you do. But there are many lakes available to you that you can take a few fish home to have for dinner. K lakes will still be that way as well only your meal will be larger. There are only a handful of lakes in Alberta that are managed as trophy lakes, and what over 250 that are catch and keep. There are alot of anglers in Alberta that practice catch and release which is their right under the rules and regulations for the water body they are fishing. I am one of the catch and release fisherman, so I promise that when I go to K lakes and catch a 50 cm plus fish I will release it so that you can catch it to take it home.
Before you pro fellas start calling someone out that is against your proposal you'd better have a good look at what has been posted on this thread so far. I haven't seen many facts presented anywhere on this entire thread from anyone supporting this proposal. The facts that I've seen are either inaccurate, misleading or not facts at all and merely opinions.

For example: 94% of stocked fish are caught right away (not true) are caught with pellets still in their belly (yeah, if you are there in September or October when they are stocked)........A quality fishery means being able to catch bigger fish easier (opinion)...... families and kids are going to like catching and keeping one bigger fish over several smaller ones (opinion)......etc, etc, etc. I could sit here all day and poke holes in a ton of stuff that has been posted but I'm not campaigning.

The FACT is that the Kan Lakes already hold the size of fish (and bigger) that are in the proposal. Changing the regs would just make it EASIER for grown ups to catch keeper sized fish and harder for kids to. Everything else is Fluff, Smoke and Mirrors. If you aren't up to the challenge of catching the bigger fish now then all that I can say is try harder.
“The whole problem with any issue is that fools and fanatics are always certain of their position, while wise people are full of doubt and questions.” Bertrand Russell
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