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Went out with a group of 4 guys last week for 6 days of fishing. Rented a place on Pruden's point.

There was a slot restriction of 55 cm-86 cm on walleye. We all caught countless (hundreds) of small walleye - in that 40cm and under size but, strangely, very few between the 40cm and 55cm size (the ones that you would want to fillet). I wonder if this has something to do with the fact those are the ones everyone is allowed to keep.

We also caught several 6-10lb walleye (well over 55cm but well under 86cm) every day of the trip - amazing healthy fat walleyes. These all swam to live another day thanks to the slot restriction.

Pike were caught everyday with a few each day in the 5-19 lb range which was nice. Nobody broke over 20lbs this trip, but they are definitely in there.

Was a great trip.

The guys in the other boat lost an anchor to all of that sunken tree junk on the bottom of the lake and tons of lures and crank baits. We lost fewer lures but also stuck to more jigging and far less bouncing or trolling.

Watch out for deadheads and floating wood. Got to swap out a prop this afternoon - as I found a floating stick as I burned across the lake one afternoon.
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