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Default TruBond Tanning Products Now In Canada

Tan like a professional with TruBond's new, specially priced tanning kit. Everything you need to create a fine supple leather is included - enough ingredients to tan one large deer or 2 coyotes or 2-3 foxes. And because these are the same high-quality products the pros use, you’re assured amazing results following our easy, step-by-step instructions. You just provide salt, water, and a skin. Kit contents:

8 oz. Lipa-Solve 55 rehydrating bath solution for salted skin
18 oz. Citric acid for pickle bath (also for use with rehydration bath as a low cost bactericide)
8 oz. Lipa-Solve 77 for de-greasing (for small game)
8 oz. Sodium bicarbonate for neutralization
16 oz. TruBond 1000B “paint-on” tan and leather oil
Easy, step-by-step tanning instructions
Value priced $59.95.

Learn more about TruBond and tanning at

Copied from our website.

So that's the start, yes I should have brought in more than just the starting kits, I didn't realize that so many people in Canada were already aware of this line of products. I will bring in bigger bottles of everything next time I order.
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