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Yes quite a place indeed, been there done that. Caught my personal best Hali 174 lbs 6’2”, Coho 14 lbs 12 oz, And 37 lb Spring all on same trip few years back. Not going back now though as much as I would like too. Fukushima is polluting the Pacific really bad and I’m off Pacific seafood entirely because of it. A lot of Salmon migrate over that way before returning to the coast and bottom fish are particularly susceptible. Nobody knows really how bad it is and until they do I only eat what I catch in our inland freshwaters. Blue fins have also been getting tested and are showing higher levels of radiation in their meat. Everything from Prawns to Whales are now contaminated. I certainly wouldn’t let anyone of child bearing age or children eat anything out of the Pacific but thats just me. If you consume any Strontium your body absorbs it like calcium and stores it in your bones. This can be passed through your family tree for the next 50 generations. Maybe there is something a little more to how some Lingcod glow with a green colour up on the dock lol!
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