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Originally Posted by JamieR View Post
If you google this situation at all, you'll find a plethora of information about the victim. There are TWO sides to every story - period. It was helpful to read something about the suspect (ie it would be easier to sit in judgment if he owned 18 assault rifles and killed small animals for pleasure).

It's incredibly ignorant and reflects poorly upon your judgment when you begin hoping that the "murderer rots" without understanding the situation. Small minded idiots rambling on the internet about situations they know about only from what they've read on the internet is so ridiculous. Try to refrain from being morons.
Welcome to the Internet, where morons pop in from all over the place. You must be new here..............

Many people shoot gophers and own semi-automatic rifles to do so with, and are fine citizens who don't kill people. You wouldn't know the definition of an assault rifle anyways, speaking of being clueless and spouting off....
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