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Originally Posted by the11fisherman View Post
Where it gets super tricky to argue is when people use your material for purposes such as criticism, parody, news reporting, research and scholarship, and teaching. In many of these said instances, they can claim "fair use" and there is nothing legally that you can do to stop them from using your content. This even goes for Holleywood produced media. If you were to do any of these things with it, the producers of said media could do nothing against you. (So if I were to take your footage and cut it up and insert it into my own footage in which I criticise your actions and such, there is nothing that Youtube would do for you......but I'm not a jerk, so that would never happen) You get the idea. The laws are complicated and for that reason, I do not even try to use them for my benefit.

Mind you, the chances that anyone is going to use fishing footage for any of the above-stated ways is HIGHLY unlikely.
Interesting so that's how they do it? The ones I'm talking about are just blatant copies of the whole video and reposting with no change.

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