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Default Great Day For Rainbows.

So I took my wife and grandson out to Rainbows End pond today. Couldn't have asked for better conditions. No wind and a slight haze to keep the sun from baking us. Fellow AO member Yee Haw joined us. The plan was catch and release, but we still came away with 5 big Bows from the 15 or so we landed. It was great to see that the aerators were all working properly, and though the pond was not clear, it was not too cloudy with algae. I'm hoping that by late fall most of the original 5 yr old stock will be in the 8-10 lbs range. We have not seen one instance of whirling disease on the pond yet. I think it's great that the lakes and ponds around Edmonton can still sustain a healthy trout population. Seriously considering adding some Tigers.
Post some pics from my phone if can.
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