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Originally Posted by SNAPFisher View Post
Understood Pierre. It wasn't just poor reproduction. It was also lack of forage.
Already existing predators are challenged to reach sustainment.

We blame bios and others for starving out a lake with walleye but now it is okay to do the same with lakers.

I get the want for sure. I like the idea of splake myself
But, if the lake cannot support it and is backed by science...
I do agree, but if the lake used to thrive with Walleye and Lake Trout prior to the collapse why cant we work towards bringing it back to its historical position? In reviewing data its likely the water level is stable and increasing over the years, there appears to be alot of feeder fish.

Cold Lake Also used to have a collapsed trout population and now has a viable walleye, pike and trout fishery. There is also smaller lakes with trout. Touchwood has alot of depth in the 100 feet and deeper range all the way down to 160feet +
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