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Originally Posted by Penner View Post
Square hooks arenít C&R and there are a lot of square hooks that see Touchwood. Love the idea but donít think itís feasible considering the cost & effort for the limited return.

Iíd rather see resources put into Walleye and Perch enhancements in several water bodies than just Lakers in one.
Yeah I hear you for sure. I find it silly they stock rainbows in so many lakes that die off every winter. We like to camp at mile 7 itís a tiny little lake north of la biche on crown land. The lake is only around 10 feet deep and dies off before Christmas every year. Itís not a park or campground so there is zero return on investment.

Iíd rather see the resources spent on a lake that has a chance for the fish to live longer than 6 months.
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