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Originally Posted by JareS View Post

The ones showing up in trout ponds like Dewitts are obviously by people that are illegally stocking them, to expand their range essentially. But how they got here in the first place remains the million (billion?) dollar question
Well, I wouldn't necessarily put the blame on someone purposely trying to expand the prussion carp range,,, there are other species of carp that get larger and are more popular for angling or eating which would make sense to introduce if you are missing "old world" carp.

Prussion carp, however, are in the same family as goldfish and I suspect many have been sold as "pet goldfish". All too often people buying goldfish as pets tire of them, but don't have the heart or gumption to destroy them (you know it might traumatize the kids), so they release them into a local pond so that "Nemo" can now live a long natural life. As "well intentioned' as their actions are, it shows an ignorance and obliviousness to the potential harm such actions can create to aquatic ecosystems.

There are many documented cases of introductions of unwanted harmful species all around the world becuz of irresponsible pet owners releasing their pets live into the environment rather than destroying them.
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