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Originally Posted by -JR- View Post
Was it like last year or the year before that guys were saying you have to carry as much as you can in your high end back pack when sheep hunting ?
I was a avid sheep hunter back in the 80s-90s .Went out almost every weekend and some one week trips. solo hunts and with partners.
If it did not fit in my pocket it did not come with me.....Boy did I get shot down on this site.
Carried my ram out holding the horns .If I had a back pack ,chance are I would not have walked up to that farther saddle to spot that Ram.
If you want a Ram go light .
Yup you get it! Hauled stuff out in my hands as well lol I didn't have top end equipment like they do today and I still don't.
Guess I don't know how to hunt sheep!
My one thing I would suggest is a real good set of rain gear. You do not dry off fast in the mountains or at all. Everything stays wet. Best not to get wet to start.
Spotters may be great to spot stuff a long ways away but your binos will tell you if it is worth a closer look or not. If you see sheep you should probably head that way anyways..... but again what do I know
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