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Originally Posted by rk4 View Post
Filling your pockets? No spotting scope? Seriously? What sort advice is that to give a guy whoís never hunted sheep before? Thatís some pretty backwards thinking. I believe some of the guys who say theyíve done it, but thatís not how youíre gunna learn to hunt sheep. You can get away with cutting a few corners once youíre comfortable and and understand what youíre doing, but until then skimping out on gear is gunna get you in trouble.

Please donít do something stupid and go into the mountains your first hunt without a backpack or a spotting scope. That and a rifle are the three most important items youíre gunna need. Everyone is gunna have theyíre own opinions but I can not possibly see an upside too leaving any of those behind, I just canít understand it. If you canít afford a spotting scope either borrow one or wait till you can afford one. Sell your Binos and buy a spotting scope if need be, Iíd leave my binos before Iíd ever consider not being a spotting scope. And I donít even get started on how ridiculous an idea it is to carry a ram without a back pack.

Not trying to offend anyone here, Just giving what a feel is responsible advice to a green sheep hunter looking for opinions.

Good luck my friend
Well now I'm confused, was going to buy some Vortex Viper HD binos tomorrow. Now you're saying to buy a spotter instead of the bino's.
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