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Originally Posted by twofifty View Post
World events have brought about intrusive airport security screenings, a necessary pain I guess. I believe that security staff attitudes can do a lot to minimize the unpleasantness and sillyness.

While going through CATSA's airport security recently, I did not appreciate being ordered to "Step Forward!", then "Turn Around!", followed by "Open Your Belt!". Sure glad I was not ordered to get onto all fours Kelowna style!

I don't appreciate being ordered around while travelling in my own country.

So I suggested to the uniformed CATSA officer that if instead of ordering me around he said "Please step forward" and "Turn around please", etc. the necessary checks could be done in a civil and respecful way. I don't recall his exact response, but it was evident from his words and facial expression that he felt his approach was perfectly fine. I thought it wise to leave it at that and laced up my shoes.

Soon as I was waved through, I approached a CATSA manager and expressed my displeasure with being ordered around - not with the checks themselves. The manager asked a few questions, then said he would review procedures with the staff. He told me that CATSA staff are expected to remain courteous with the travelling public and that he would remind his officers.

I don't often travel by air and this is the first time I've run into bad attitude.

What has been your experience with canadian airport security lately? Was my experience an isolated incident, or are these men and women getting too big for their britches?
they are not doing a very good job.
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