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I have found that maceration is the best method for cleaning any kind of skulls and bones. I have whitened a couple of my skulls, but i prefer to keep tham as natural looking as possible, i find it adds a bit of character to the skull. Anyway, as far as whitening, i have found that peroxide works really well, however, using peroxide or bleach can be severly damaging to the skull if left to soak too long. the best method is to sun bleach as it is alot less damaging. Skulls and bones are very porous and the bleach or peroxide seeps into the pores and can cause the bone to deteriorate and become chalky. The pictures below are the pieces i did myself. I have also preserved crow and raven feet with the calws intact and made ornaments from them. also in the pictures below.
IMG_20120515_085849.jpg Beaver

IMG_20120515_085937.jpg Martin

IMG_20120515_090135.jpg Wolf

IMG_20120515_090341.jpg Crow(smaller) and Raven(bigger)

IMG_20120515_090622.jpg Crow's feet(top) And Raven's foot(bottom)
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