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Originally Posted by raw outdoors View Post
Question for you guys. What is the purpose of the beads I see them tied on the fronts and on the backs of the lure, is this supposed to mimic a Certain aquatic bug or is I just for a little snap to attract fish?

I found that a little bling helps attract Mr. White & over the past couple of years I believe adding a little color, sparkle, feather or hair on the "hook end" helps focus them on/to your presentation & they don't hesitate to inhale it.

The brass wrap with glass bead looks similar to the tiny minnows that were in Mr. White's gut, I recall I did very well that day, this pattern has been very productive for me.

As previously mentioned I tie two W/W on one line/rod, my preference is still the Double Trilene knot, I tie them with the hook facing up, it does made a difference in the hook set as all were in the upper mouth. As well, fishing in 5-7 fow I had to make some adjustments on the ice, my pre-tied W/Ws were about 12 apart, found that was too far and re-tied them to approx. 8 apart, that kept both W/Ws in the strike zone.

Trust this helps




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