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Originally Posted by Pikebreath View Post
No fishin' for me this Father's day weekend either. My sister-in-law decided it was time for all the in-law side to come "warm" her new house this weekend. The "in-laws' as you may have guessed ain't fishing kind of folks. I have been a dad for 22 years now and rarely get to go fishing on what may very well be the best fishing weekend of the whole year here in Alberta cuz of things like ball tournaments, track meets, races, etc and "non-fishing" family events like weddings and now "house warmings'!!!!!! It's always been a pet peeve of mine that no one seems to think anymore that there might be dads out there that really would like to go fishing on Father's Day!!!

Some of my best childhood memories are the fishing trips my dad (God rest his soul) and I took on this very weekend!!!!!

Good luck and tight lines to all you Dads!!!!,,,,,, and "kids" taking their dads fishing!!!
That just plain sucks!
However, you can maybe make up form it on another weekend, afterall, a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work ( or at the outlaw's!)
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