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Originally Posted by Red Bullets View Post
The end of april should be hot for browns/trout. I used to fish the Bow river upstream of Canmore last week of april and caught some of my biggest browns. That last week of April is usually before spring run off, so the waters are running low and clear.
we happened to be there at the end of June last year. The big rivers, Yellowstone etc were in full flood and no way of safely fishing them. Luckily, some of the smaller streams were fishable. We fished the Firehole and Nez Perce in the park although they are in Wyoming. We also fished a couple lakes near Whitefish/Kalispell. spent a day going around West Yellowstone. That's a neat place, more fly shops than people but don't expect any bargains
Fishing the Firehole is an experience, with all the small hot springs venting all around and Bison keeping a watchful eye on you. I had a coyote swim accross on the Firehole just downstream from me. He calmly got out of the water, shook himself, gave me the evil eye then sauntered off. My wife who was fishing one pool down thought discretion was the better part of valour and had hightailed back to our vehicle before the coyote had crossed.
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