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Originally Posted by Springer View Post
The only issue I have with Sylvan is I wish there was a few more boat access. Sunbreaker Cove launch is super busy and I think twice before going there on busy days or even the time of day.
If the weather gets bad what a cluster trying too get off the lake...

Now the whining about keeping a Fish. I am so very thankful I can take my Grandkids out , they can catch a Fish put it in the live well and when we get home put it on the plate.

Im just thankful to catch a few and enjoy a day off of work on the lake and bring home the tastiest Fish to halibut..

Like was stated at the start of this thread by 58TheCat . People will complain either way instead of being Thankful for the opportunity Sylvan provides us now
Great post!
Agree on a few better launches to help out. I've only been to Sunbreaker in the fall. I can't imagine how that is on a long weekend in summer.
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