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I posted this in a similar thread under 'Fishing discussion', but copy here in case there are some fly fishermen who don't read the other one;

I'm going on a two week trip to Alberta, starting September 23rd where I'm planning to do a lot of fishing around Alberta (and possibly Montana). I'll go with a guide on the Bow River the first day after arriving. Afterwards I have just rented a car, and I'm planning to go fishing 'wherever I feel like'.
If someone here would like to go on some fishing trips with me that would be great, both for the company and local expertise (I've also been looking at way too many bear-encounter videos on Youtube lately and starting to freak out a little regarding fishing alone )

I'm arriving in Calgary, but as I have a rental car I don't mind if it's far away (as long as it's not a two-day drive )
Primarily I'm thinking fly-fishing for trout (with all your Canadian sub-species which we don't have in Norway) and pike, but open for other stuff too
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