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Default New Boat Cover

I'm in need of a new travel and storage boat cover. Don't want to spend upwards of a $1000 for custom. I have a 17ft. Sylvan fish and ski with a walk through windshied. I see the big box stores have a variety but how good do they fit and last. (as they say fits 17 - 19ft.) Who has bought one and some reviews would be nice. Would like water proof as repellent don't last. I always double cover for winter storage. If it don't fit tight then going on the highway with it fluttering in the wind will over time tear it to shreds. Thanks for all your input. Oh by the way my last one was custom made with Sumbrella but now he has sold the company and will cost me at least $1200-$1600 with the new in training owner. It cost me $500 the last time and could not have been happier with the fit. Going on close to 10 yrs. It's starting to split and seams are letting loose and let's water in.

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