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Originally Posted by ram crazy View Post
If it wasn't the first quad to go missing maybe you should look at how your storing it!!!

You don't get the point. Blaming the person for how he stores his quad insinuates he is in the wrong and the thief is the victom. It dosen't matter how he stores his quad. It's his quad and nobody should ever touch it period. Technically a person should be able to leave a stack of thousand dollar bills lying in his driveway or on the dash of his unlocked truck with the windows down and nobody has any business touching it. It blows me away the excuses people come up with to justify criminal action and blame the victim should he attempt to do anything about it. If this keeps going we will eventually have it legislated that thiefs only have to knock on your door and simply demand you give them what ever they want with a smile. The two police officers that will accompany the criminal to your house will ensure you comply and that there is no funny business such as resisting or defending yourself .Just wait criminals will soon have their own union, benefits and pension plan. The system will go to an email format and the criminal will simply send you an email and you will by law have to transfer all your money by paypal or be charged with denying a criminals right to extort all your money.

The way some of you think blows my mind.
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