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Axeman and Bushrat..well said and once again Lorne Gunter nails it. This is not about the loss of a quad. This is about the loss of the law. This is about the criminals taking over this country....this is about being able to defend ourselves and our property. These are the inalienable rights that we are born with and do not/ cannot relinquish.

It is not up to us to protect the criminals from themselves. Somewhere along the way this started getting distorted and if we let it keep going along these lines we are going to wind up in a deep pool of crap. We should not be living our lives at the and for the convenience of criminals. If someone wants to make a living stealing then they should know that their life is at risk. I see nothing wrong with shooting AND killing someone who would try and steal a part of someone else's life. The only problem I have is that society should strive to make it better known to criminals that this is the price they may have to pay. Law abiding citizens such as Mr. Knight should NOT be inconvenienced for exercising his God given right to protect himself, his liberty, and his property.
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