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Originally Posted by ram crazy View Post
So maybe everybody has to change there ways to make it harder for criminals. Ask yourself this is it worth going to jail over a stupid object that is replaceable, and if it is go ahead and be a vigilanty.
Most folks already take precautions to avoid thefts etc. What more are we to do. The justice/legal system has to change. It appears these days we cannot rely on the law or the police to protect us at all. The police are doing what they can but their hands are tied and they are effectively useless, have proven so over and over again. It's not getting better it's getting worse. Because the gov't takes no action and has no plans to do so, I truly do believe the public will eventually have to take matters into their own hands and many will sacrifice their freedom for the gov't to get the message.
Perhaps if we started mugging politicians and judges on parliament hill, steal their cars, break into their houses and rape their daughters and murder their sons then let those offenders out to walk the sidewalk and lear, gesture and threaten them in front of their homes then they might get the picture. Let them sit in a courtroom while they watch the lawyers cross examine their daughter and show the public what a low down tramp she is, how it was her fault she was raped and not the rapists then let them watch the judge let off the rapist that defiled and beat their daughter with a 2 year conditional sentence with early probation. Take their security systems out of their monitored houses, take their bodyguards away, make them take the bus instead of the limo and make them live in a trailer park with partiers on one side and convicted dope dealing criminals on the other. I truly do believe the public will have to start killing politicians before anything changes.
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